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Real Estate has been a part of my life even before adulthood. My step father owned a Real Estate Office during the 1970's in San Diego. It was tough even then selling homes for $30K or $50K back then and it really meant something when you face a appeared in a real estate newspaper ad stating that you belonged to the millionaire Club in Real Estate after transferring One Million Dollars worth of Real Estate Transactions in One Year. Now not so much as the world has changed since then and to the present due to the Principle of Change which is a constant. 

It was tough keeping a real estate office open back then circa 1970 and now with the financial over head of running a real estate business. At the side of my parents real estate office there was a separate 400 sf room which then used as a Pinball Arcade and PackMan at the time to generate more cash to pay the rent on the building. Looking back at those times and the present as of May 2020 and the corona virus which has shuttered all types of businesses for months at a time with no income. 

Real Estate Agents are seeing that they don't have to be at an office to work in the business. The business has always been in the field as many people still say. 

I see large real estate offices with hundreds of agents today becoming obsolete as new ways to represent the public and meet the public no longer requires to meet in a real estate office.

 After 40 years in the real estate business of Brokerage, Appraisal and Consulting that I will operate from now on as a Discount Real Estate Brokerage helping homes owners with property transfers by reducing my commission on homes I list to 4% of the sales price. Since I work for myself my overhead costs are much lower than larger companies yet I can deliver the same sales outcomes and allow the homeowner to save on house commissions when marketing their home with me. 

My simple formula is I work for 1.5% listing agent office and offer the remaining 2.5% commission to the selling office in a real estate transfer.

As a Real Estate Broker/Certified Residential Appraiser I am experienced with high value real estate between $500K to Six Million dollar transfers so the saving of equity for sellers can be significant. 

If you would like to talk about your real estate I am available 12 hours day or more to discuss your real estate concerns. Covering Santa Cruz, Ca, Monterey Ca, San Jose and Santa Clarita. 

Tom Melville Broker
Dre 00774101
Tom Melville Properties / Melville Appraisal

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Real Estate Appraisal has always been an Essential Service to the Financial Sector.

 During the present California Shelter in Place rules for the public, it takes a minimum of Twenty Percent of all Essential Business to remain open to keep the economy of a city  moving forward. 

Real Estate Appraisers are presently making home inspections using Personal Protection Equipment at a minimum of mask, gloves and booties if requested by the home owner. 

There are several guidelines on the present Shelter in Place that are followed by Appraisal Associations, Realtor Associations both National Association of Realtors and the California Association of Realtors and Real Estate Property Management Companies as to proceed and inspect a home. 

Lenders are required to have a full interior appraisal inspection to assist home owners with cash out refinance. It is possible to have an exterior only appraisal of your home, yet the lenders prefer interior inspections to insure the value of the property being appraised.

 Even during the California 1989 Earthquakes and other large brush fires in summer, appraisers were ordered out to the field to inspect homes to see the extent of damage.

 This current Shelter in Place time is busy for appraisers as with the low refinance interest rates, many home owners are using equity in their homes to get through this period of time.

If you need a real estate professional to appraise your property, then give me a call. Or if you need to consider listing or consultation as to listing a property on the MLS, I cover that service as well.

Tom Melville, MRA, MNAA
Real Estate Appraiser, California Real Estate Broker/ Owner
Melville Appraisal, Tom Melville Properties
AR012768, DRE# 00774101

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January 15th, 2020 6:21 PM
2020 will be a strong Real Estate Year that includes both Purchase and Refinance Markets. There has been a surge of 30.2 percent in mortgage applications since the first of the year. The refinance market jumped to 43% for the week and is up 109% higher than a year ago. 

The low mortgage interest rates should continue to the November elections which will work well for first time buyers, investors and homeowners looking for a refinance loan option.

If you are considering selling or buying or need an appraisal of your property, then give me a call to discuss your real estate needs.

Tom Melville Broker / Appraiser       831-883-0406
Melville Appraisal / T.Melville Properties serving Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Jose and Santa Clara Counties. 

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May 29th, 2017 12:27 PM
Two weeks ago mortgage interest rates dropped again. The earlier talk about raising rates back in Dec-March 2017 was all smoke and mirrors as usual. The lenders tried to raise mortgage rates and it did not work. It actually stalled the market, so expect further rate reductions offered to the public as the Refinance Boom and lower rates for buyers continues for the next 4-6 months. If you are thinking about buying or selling your home in Santa Cruz, San Jose or Monterey give me a call. In a no pressure conversation, I can go over your real estate investment needs whether you are selling or buying in 2017. Tom Melville, Real Estate Broker Brea #00774101 over 30 years professional experience in Real Estate. 831-883-0406.

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Having a Broker / Appraiser represent your real estate interest is an advantage in any market. I help people with listing and selling real estate in Santa Cruz, San Jose and Monterey California. Presently, there continues to be a shortage of available homes for sale and an over supply of buyers 

 If you have any real estate questions or investment goals for 2017, give me a call to discuss your concerns.

Tom Melville     Broker  Appraiser
831-883-0406  Brea #00774101
Tom Melville Properties
Melville Appraisal
Over 30+ years of professional real estate experience in California.

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There still remains a shortage of properties for sale and an over supply of buyers in Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Jose counties. ?There are several factors in the current market that include all cash buyers, low interest rates for finance and an election year.

If properly priced and placed on the MLS for maximum exposure homes usually do not exceed 30-60 days before multiple offers are made on the property. As I have written before, pocket listings have only one agent working for the seller and rarely result in maximum exposure or the possibility of multiple offers.

I prefer to obtain the maximum exposure for my clients and obtain the highest sale price for their properties. 

Having a Broker / Appraiser with over 30+ years of experience to represent your real estate interests is an advantage in any market.

If you have any real estate questions give me a call and we can discuss your real estate needs.  I look forward to talking with you. Available 9am-9pm daily.

Tom Melville
Broker /Appraiser
Melville Appraisal & Tom Melville Properties
California Brea# 00774101

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