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There still remains a shortage of properties for sale and an over supply of buyers in Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Jose counties. ?There are several factors in the current market that include all cash buyers, low interest rates for finance and an election year.

If properly priced and placed on the MLS for maximum exposure homes usually do not exceed 30-60 days before multiple offers are made on the property. As I have written before, pocket listings have only one agent working for the seller and rarely result in maximum exposure or the possibility of multiple offers.

I prefer to obtain the maximum exposure for my clients and obtain the highest sale price for their properties. 

Having a Broker / Appraiser with over 30+ years of experience to represent your real estate interests is an advantage in any market.

If you have any real estate questions give me a call and we can discuss your real estate needs.  I look forward to talking with you. Available 9am-9pm daily.

Tom Melville
Broker /Appraiser
Melville Appraisal & Tom Melville Properties
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Posted by Thomas Melville, MNAA, MRA on August 4th, 2016 4:54 PMLeave a Comment

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