Services Fees and Rush Fees Updated 02/17/2022.

 Aptos, Santa Cruz, Rio del Mar, Soquel, San Jose, Boulder Creek, Felton, Santa Clara, Capitola, Morgan Hill, Scotts Valley, Gilroy, Los Gatos. 

Seaside, Marina, Monterey, Carmel, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove.                                                                       



Condominium $Quote
Drive By Appraisal $450+

The present Year 2024 refinance/ sales market mortgage rates have significantly increased. My fees are All Quotes to an individual property. With over 41+ years experience in the real estate industry you will receive a quality report.

 I am constantly busy producing quality reports for my clients. My reports include 8-11 Statistical Charts and Scatter Graphs using data from MLS CMA which is downloaded into each report. Each report looks like a college term paper and has over 20-25 hours of compressed time and 50-75 pages in length.

Fee SFR $Quote for a 2-3 day turn 
Add $$$ for Complex Properties Quote.

SUPER RUSH APPRAISAL $ Quote 3-4 DAYS Depending on Complexity, Location, Radius Search, Living Area and Lot Size as Residential or Rural with Acreage.

When other firms are backed up weeks or months from now. I can offer the Rush where I inspect at noon and you will have a quality report in 2-3 days from inspection for Banking and Lending Purposes.

Turn Times for Litigation, Divorce and Estates are longer turn times and are not Rush Assignments. General Purpose Report Format will be used for these type of assignments.

 Homes 3,000 sf to 5,500 sf. Homes 7,500+ sf and larger take a full day 4-5 hours to measure, draw, photograph and inspect for high end residential properties.

FHA Residential Appraisal $Quote and up due to added 2022 inspections for FHA.

Appraisal 1004 SFR/ plus REO addendum

Complex Residential Properties over $1,000,000 --- $650+

Cancel appraisal after inspection and photographs  --- N0 refund.

California Real Estate Broker / Certified Residential Appraiser

Court Appearance $2,500 Non Refundable Retainer for 10 hours of work.

$2,500 dollar Non Refundable Retainer paid prior to court appearance to prepare for Court or Discovery proceeding. Appraisal for Litigation, Divorce or Estate Work is also Paid upfront before the report is sent to the Client.







*The above referenced fees are based upon Complexity, Turn Around Speed and Quote as to each property appraisal.

This is just a small sample of the Appraisal services we can provide. Please contact us for further assistance.